iSee(Seeing is believing)Case

Introduction of Client

Cosmos Machinery Ltd. (renamed from Welltec Machinery & Equipment Co. Ltd.) founded in 1982 is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Cosmos Machinery Enterprises Limited, a Hong Kong public-listed company. In the past two decades, the Company has successfully established production bases in South China and East China as well as the extensive sales and service networks in both domestic and oversea markets. In addition to research and development, production, sales and services of plastic injection moulding machines, the Company has already expanded its business to cover a variety of plastic, rubber and sheet-metal processing machinery equipment such as blow moulding machines, extrusion lines, rubber injection machines, hydraulic presses, CNC turret punching machines and etc.

Seeing is believing

is an innovative application for B&R S09 control system which offers a great variety options for long distance on-line diagnosis on the running machinery. facilitates the customer to see exeactly the same screen,check the instant status of machine and get the quality report form the machine from any place at any time.

software can be installed on both mobile devices and PC workstations,via internet and intranet,wireless and Ethernet network and with different levels of diagnosis features.

outstanding features:

  • More user-friendly interface and on-screen display,increases management efficiency
  • See the same screen of the machine in real time,check the parameters setting and help engineer trouble-shooting
  • Display the production status and condition of the machine,providing primary information to management for marking decision on resources allocation
  • Save historical quality control data on workstation for future analysis
  • Generate the customized reports for the machine,such as machine efficiency report,energy-consumption report,production schedule report for management to evaluate the machine performance